The Best System optimizer!

Fix slow computer and improve PC performance
Best solution for PC crash and random restart
Get rid of weird DLL error messages ...

1. Download

You can download WinMate and have it up and running in a matter of minutes.

2. Scan

Automatically or manually scan your system for errors and invalid/empty entries.

3. Repair

Once WinMate identifies the errors in your system, it takes just a few clicks to repair them.

What can T55 WinMate do for you?

It comes too often that computer gets slowdown for no reasons. Why?

A way to improve your computers performance and speed up your PC is available!!! Why do computers run slow? It may probably start with improper Windows settings. You shouldn't ignore it. Otherwise, those errors with settings can make your compuer a mess. WinMate is the best ware which uses the latest technology to scan your whole computer and find errors. After that, it gives you trusted solutions. Additionally, WinMate also offers a wide range of powerful utility and security software for computer optimizing. With top-rated features, you can keep away from potential threats and clean system errors to reduce computer crashes, freezing and Blue Screen. Time is now. Why not try Winmate immediately?

With its build-in junk file cleaner, service optimizer, program unistaller, plug-in remover, memory tweaker, defragment tool and many more, T55 WinMate will give your computer all-round protection.

Boost your computer speed in seconds. Time is money! Why not fix your slow computer now? Make your computer faster again even if you have no computer savvy.
Backup system files. The most reliable registry cleaner it is. Backup registry files / folder / system / important files under background without disturbing your work.
Keep PC clean and safe. Keep pace with Microsoft and download the latest Service Pack, Finds and fixes system errors and others missing on your computer with "Deep Scan" technology.
Online payment safeguard. Eliminate all IE history traces including cache, password and cookie. So that your Online bank info and personal privacy will not be exposed to spyware creator.

Why choose T55 WinMate?

More safety! More professional! More credible!

T55 WinMate is the number-one program to optimize your Windows system. Professional and easy-to-use are what T55 WinMate pursuit of. We do overcome similar products and become the leader in this area. T55 WinMate has been downloaded by over 1200000 computer users. Even with no computer savvy, you can fix many computer problems without computer Technical personnel's help. Best of all, T55 forum is a place enables people to share their PC knowlege and ask their intractable diseases. More than 20 computer experts will periodically answer the questions.

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