How to fix computer freezes for free

To me, there is no thing frustrated than my computer gets freezing. Computer is no respond when you are working on your computer leading to work lose. What cause computer freezes? It seems the bad thing happened for no reasons and you had to take your computer to shop for repairing. No, don’t waste your money and never called a technical personnel. If your computer freezes randomly or restart improperly, you can manually repair it with the following instruction.

Computer freezes can be caused by hardware and software problems. Statistics tell us that software problems occupy a majority. When you encounter computer freezes problem the first time, you should restart it by using DEL+ALT+Ctrl. Usually the issue can be solved by rebooting computer cause the freezing computer may be the result of Windows system unstable.

Virus is no doubt the biggest threat to our computer. Do you aware your computer freezes from time to time? If that, you should suspect your computer is full of viruses and spyware. Viruses can decrease the performance of computer sharply and make your computer to freeze up frequently. I’d recommend you go to safe mode and disconnect the net to run a full virus scan. AVG is free for you. I think it works well.

You may check errors for the hard disk. The performance is poor when the hard disk is full of files. The contents stored on the disk are not continuous and we should physically organize them to prevent PC hang. Defrag utility can cleanup your hard disk with easy. Regularly running defrag program helps you to dramatically speed up computer and prevent it from freezing.

Beside the previous reasons, computer freezing can be caused by software conflict. It happens when the software is updated. If you update a program, it means you also try to update some files shared by other application programs on your PC at the same time. But if those applications do not support the updating shared files, the freezing problem may appear. The way to solve it is to remove programs you have installed recently.

The registry is considered as one of the most important part of Windows system. The registry contains the settings and configuration of the system. During daily using, the database is changed by behaviors such like uninstall program, virus infect, downloading, etc. We can not quickly identify the error because of the complexity of the registry. WinMate is surely the wise choice for cleaning errors. It is free and always be.

Othe causes:

  • Your computer is lack of RAM and need add more
  • The power supply is not stable which is needed to change
  • You delete system files by mistake. The missing file problem could be a devastating error.
  • If you need to update your Bios, please make sure that the Bios version is compatible with your PC as well as back up the Bios before the update.
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